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Francis Searchlights Limited are internationally recognised for innovation, design and manufacture of specialised lighting products.
Light gives any surface an extra dimension. Architectural features and areas of interest can be emphasised, focal points sharpened and moods or atmosphere created. The controllable beam and extended range of the Francis searchlight is ideal for detail lighting and can be focused to a narrow, pencil-like 2 degree beam of light.
Principle elements can be illuminated from a considerable distance using a Francis searchlight thus avoiding the need for gantries or unsightly brackets. By careful positioning of the light source, away from high inaccessible locations, access for maintenance becomes straightforward.
The Francis MOONRAKER and STARDRIFT Xenon searchlights have been developed specifically to give spectacular extravaganza light shows visible over great distances.These luminaries can be computer operated, sweeping a defined area with a powerful and precise shaft of light.
Moonraker is the name of the top most sail on a sailing ship which, from the deck, was seen to rake amongst the stars and moon itself. The Francis MOONRAKER learns a movement pattern from a remote control unit with a joystick operation, the system then replicates the programme continuously.
Particularly impressive at significant architectural locations, sporting venues, theme parks, shopping and leisure complexes, the Francis Extravaganza lighting range has to be seen to be believed.
Stardrift is the term given to the common motion of a star in the heavens. The Francis STARDRIFT is mounted to its base plate by a universal joint which achieves a 60 deg cone of movement powered via two linear actuators.
The Francis POLARIS, STARDRIFT and MOONRAKER Xenon searchlights have been developed specifically to give a spectacular illumination or effect visible over great distances.
In addition to the static Polaris, Stardrift and Moonraker sweep an area in a 'semi random' or 'precisely defined' manner with a powerful and precise shaft of light. The complete units can be sited at either a permanent installation or a flexible mobile system easily transported to locations world-wide.
Polaris, the Pole or North Star, is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. The star has, for thousands of years from its permanent location in the night sky, guided people safely to their destination. The Francis POLARIS achieves a highly visible static beam. The fine adjustment of the focus mechanism allows the beam to be precision-placed to achieve the optimum illumination or effect
Our searchlight systems all incorporate a nickel parabolic mirror for optimum performance with a high intensity xenon light source for long range applications. An internal focus mechanism can narrow the beam divergence to a laser-like quality. These clean and efficient lamps are capable of instant strike and restrike with no warm-up time required. The units are supplied with an appropriate control system, hard wired ready for connection, as order specified, to either 208-230 V A/C 3 phase or 380-415 V A/C 3 phase. High grade stainless steel fixings are used throughout the construction. The aluminum alloy barrels, fronted with toughened glass, are force air cooled by high-powered fans and ducting. A self-contained filter system ensures sand and dust cannot penetrate the internal chamber. In addition the searchlights are protected with a severe weather stove-enamelled marine specification paint finish.
Fixed single-colour filters or multi-colour changers can be installed on the front of the searchlights to achieve an even more surreal experience. With the right weather conditions, changing colours can be projected on the cloud base as it passes overhead.
All Francis Extravaganza searchlight systems are designed to work in hostile environments with ambient temperatures between -40 deg.C to +50deg.C (-40deg.F to +122deg.F).

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